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BENJAMIN DELMENDO - Head, Business Systems Development

Mr. Delmendo has over twenty (20) years of experience in information systems involving project management, systems design, development and implementation. He has extensive knowledge in many computer platforms including PCs, midrange systems (AS/400) and mainframe. His programming proficiency includes COBOL, ABAP/4 programming, Essbase, IE Workbench CASE tools, Visual Basic Programming, HTML and PERL and he is a Certified Internet Professional. He also attended several trainings both locally and abroad including the very expensive ABAP/4 development workbench in Singapore, Thailand, Philadelphia USA, Coca-Cola Atlanta USA.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, Mr. Delmendo, has done several systems analysis and programming work for companies like Philippine Fuji Xerox Corporation, Compusoft, National Computer Center, NEDA and Development Bank of the Philippines.

He was also a programming instructor of National Computer Institute, Technology Resource Center teaching in the area of Systems Analysis and Design, Software engineering, Programming and Computer Operations. It was in Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines where Mr. Delmendo worked for 12 years occupying the Systems Development and Programming Manager position for six years in Coke managing the development and support of computerized applications in the areas of Finance and Human Resources. As a Systems Development and Programming Manager, he was responsible for the implementation of bottling plants’ accounting system, CA Masterpiece GL, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Personnel Information System, Subsidiary Ledger, Accounts Receivable system and Executive Information System which captures daily products sales by brand by package of 180 sales office locations nationwide. Mr. Delmendo was the Information Systems/Solutions Manager of managing a group of IT professionals doing various programming works for several companies that requires outsourced systems development professionals.




























































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