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IDEIN Provides solutions for the following industries:

HR SOLUTIONS - HR Information System, Electronic Timekeeping System, Violation Report System, Payroll System

MANUFACTURING/PRODUCTION - Business Process Analysis, IT Infrastructure/Operations, Production Planning templates

PORT OPERATIONS - Customs and Brokerage System, Porterage System, Stripping/Stuffing System, Bill of Lading, Revenue Tracking

COMMISSARY SOLUTION - Ideal for Bakeshop Operations, Extensive Bill-of-Materials setup

TRADING AND DISTRIBUTION SOLUTION - Sales Order Processing, Warehousing, Route Sales, Product Bundling/Assembly Type of Inventory setup

MEDICAL/CLINIC SYSTEM - Patient Scheduler, Claims System, Members Management, Benefit Plans, IP/OP/RE Claims Adjudication

BUS OPERATIONS - IT Operations, Spare Parts Inventory System, Vehicle 201 File, Bus History, Bus Dispatch System, Trip Operation Report System, Quota and Other Incentives System, Fuel Management System, Trucking System

POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM - POS System ideal for Drugstores, Photo Processing and Grocery with Barcoding Capability





























































August 10, 2012 9:30 AM



Allied Motors powers up with SAP Business One


HealthFirst Delivery Solution Inc. software development . . . .


Prudential Customs and Brokerage Services, Inc. signs up with IDEIN to automate Port Operations

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